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Reconsidering the Groupie

One of the panels at the EMP Pop Conference will be 'reconsidering the groupie' and John 'Honest' Roderick will be one of the panel members. Access is free, registration recommended.

When: Saturday, 4/18, at 3:15 - 4:15 pm
Where: EMP|SFM, Level 3
» More details on the EMP website.

John Roderick meets the new Croc

John and legendary Seattle venue The Croc go way back. To celebrate the re-opening he writes about it in Seattle Weekly, he is interviewed about it, and best of all, he sings 3 songs in the new Croc.

John is Teaching a Workshop at 826 Seattle

Tuesday, February 10 - 7PM
with John Roderick

John Roderick will explain every single aspect of being a singer/songwriter and recording artist, including, but not limited to:

How to be a musician when you're not that good of a musician.
How to keep writing when everything you write is boring and terrible.
How to completely rewrite songs you thought were finished.
How to maintain some semblance of dignity in a shameful world.
How to find the coconut of an idea in a sea of cliches.

The Merlin Show

John guests in a four-part interview with web guru (and Long Winters Svengali) Merlin Mann.

Live at the Showbox

Hello Little Winters!

We hope you are doing well, and apologize for being incommunicado for the last little while. We promise we have been keeping busy; work is well underway on our eventual follow-up to Putting The Days To Bed. To tide you over until then, we have an exciting announcement!

The wonderful team at Dorsia films has just released a DVD chronicling our tour-closing, homecoming show at Seattle's Showbox Theater on April 14th, 2007 that we wanted to draw your attention to. It's available through Barsuk and other respectable retailers now!

We Did It: Dispatch from Columbia City

"On election night I wanted to be surrounded by black people." John Roderick's personal take on election night for Seattle Weekly. » Read the column

Move that jukebox!

In September John Roderick was interviewed for Brazilian weblog 'Move that jukebox!'. Through the wonders of translation John speaks perfect Portuguese. » Read the whole article

John Roderick's column for Seattle Weekly

John Roderick's talent for observation has not gone unnoticed and he has been asked to write a weekly column for Seattle Weekly. Currently the column is on hiatus due to the band's studio work, but there are plenty of old entries for your perusal: a personal history of the Seattle music scene, sex and rock 'n' roll, an indispensable guide to beards and much more.

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